Rollerskiing or Nordic blading can be dangerous!

Injuries from rollerskiing and Nordic blading can be avoided with the correct precautions. In order to have fun without unforeseen occurrence we collected a few hints for risk reduction.  



Please always wear helmet and preferably joint protection (knee and elbow) to avoid fall injuries. 


Always cruise offside busy roads with your rollerskis; paved cycling trails and farmer roads are most suited. 

Avoid all kind of obstacles (stones, stairs, bumps, people, animals, cars, etc.) and always plan bypass alternatives in advance for an emergency case. The V- (snowplough) or the T- (inline) braking techniques are well suited for slow-down.


Individual small stones on the ground can cause a sudden blocking of the rollerski or inline wheels and lead to a fall; however this is significantly reduced with the choice of larger wheel diameter (100-110mm).



Where can you rollerski?

The website offers a unique platform for the exchange of rollerski tracks. Here you will find tracks which are perfectly adapted to your rollerski training. With FIND & SHARE you can contribute with your own tracks so that the rollerski community can develop and grow thanks to an attractive and diverse tracks offering (in German only).