The PROLOG rollerski was designed such that its skating behaviour fully mimics skating on cross-country skis. Its filigree and sporty geometry leads to excellent stability and directional guidance during the gliding phase. The PROLOG is at the same time the ideal training rollerski for ambitious athletes and the perfect off-season rollerski for demanding sportspersons.  

The softer 76A rubber wheels (type WT, standard) make it the ideal skating training rollerski. Equipped with 100mm inline skating wheels (e.g. type 82A) the PROLOG becomes a very fast skating competition rollerski. Choose your wheels individually and change your WEASEL Prolog from a training rollerski to a competition rollerski according to your needs!

The PROLOG rollerski fulfils the requirements of the FIS international competition standard (ICR) 396.2. Its short and straight frame allows for an extremely agile skating and an optimal acceleration at any time. 

The PROLOG received top scores in the rollerski test of xc-ski.de: LINK

Binding placement is slightly above the wheel axis; this rollerski therefore is well suited for experienced athletes with skilled balance, or for improving balance for longer gliding phases. 


(for body weight <95kg)




Frame Special extrusion profile (42x18mm) made of high-strength aluminium alloy, CNC machined 
Coating Surface processed with a robust and UV resistant IGP powder coating 
Length 536mm (axis - axis) 
Ground Distance 40mm
Weight WT=1594g
(per rollerski pair, without bindings) 
Wheels Modular (WT, type 100 x 24 mm)
Binding Modular (Salomon or Rottefella)



All 24mm wheels with 90-110mm diameter can be used with the PROLOG frame.

Because the balance point of a rollerski is different from the one of a cross-country ski and because of the higher rebound of the Flexor we recommend Salomon SNS Profil bindings for all SNS shoe types (Profil & Pilot)!

All frame components (bearings, axis and spacers) are available as single parts:
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Our prices

Rollerski WEASEL (pair, without bindings)    Model PROLOG  CHF 315 
Bindings Salomon (mounted) SNS Profil Equipe Skate  + CHF 60 
You save 24%!  
Bindings Rottefella (mounted) Rollerski Skating + CHF 65
You save 24%!

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WEASEL Mudguard
No wet legs and shoes anymore! When skating on wet roads the WEASEL mudguard offers significant comfort. Modular for both WEASEL rollerski models, easy mounting & removing. 

Mounting instructions:
Mounting / Removing WEASEL mudguards (VIDEO)

WEASEL Mudguard (Set = 4 items)       CHF 29.00 



SKIROLL bag (KV+, 1-4 Pairs, L=84cm)       CHF 25.00 

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