Made in Switzerland

The WEASEL rollerski is based on Swiss engineering and is the result of scientific evaluation, mechanical testing and feedback from the field. In order to meet high quality standards and to have all development and production steps in the neighbourhood, the WEASEL frame and components are manufactured in Switzerland. 




WEASEL and Bionics

Not only the weasel as small, slim and nimble predator with its seasonal changing fur served as inspiration for the design of WEASEL rollerskis. For optimisation of the frame geometry, nature served as inspiring model, a procedure called bionics. Bones and trees grow such that the force lines are spread equally and stress peaks are avoided. Sharp edges also don’t exist in nature; therefore they were removed on the WEASEL frames.


The geometry of the WEASEL frame was optimized and iteratively refined in a computer model in order to obtain a frame as light as possible and at the same time durable under high cyclic loads.
The resulting structure of the WEASEL frame distributes the forces in an optimal way and allows for a peripheral stiffness as well as for a central flexibility (> Video). This leads to an almost perfect cross-country ski simulation with the best guidance without distortion.