Crossing the finishing line on wheels!

Rollerskiing is the perfect off-season alternative to cross-country skiing with an identical motion pattern using almost the same material (boots, bindings, poles).


WEASEL as our own rollerski brand stands for agility, speediness and precision. A WEASEL rollerski is unique due to the fact that its frame shows peripheral stiffness and central flexibility, which allows for a perfect ski simulation with the best guidance without distortion.


skiroll Ltd. designed the racing model PROLOG as well as the cruising model MARATHON such that they meet your individual needs. With their exceptional rolling properties both rollerski models are made for full performance in the skating technique. 








At the forefront with WEASEL!

Philipp Ruefli from SSC Lengnau, 4 x Swiss Champion U18 and U20, shows us in the following video the V2 and V2 alternate techniques on the rollerski model WEASEL Prolog.



Rollerskis "classic"

Are you looking for rollerskis for the classic technique?

More information here: KV+ Classic Rollerski