The performance in cross-country skiing is determined by long-term endurance.

Strength endurance and technique both increase the speed and only an optimal technique allows for economical skating.

An indispensable pre-condition is a good coordination and a particularly well trained balance.


skiroll Ltd. offers specific outdoor and indoor solutions for a perfect training.



for long-term endurance training through strength and technique


for the individual choice of resistance and speed


Poles and Accessories
for a perfect propulsion 




Functional Training

With skiroll Ltd. indoor training solutions you can perfectly adapt your training exercises to the outdoor motion patterns of cross-country or rollerskiing.

We focus on products for strength endurance training of the upper body and for balance training: training tubes Ski-Expander and balance board BalanceBoard

Functional training is an inevitable extension to the outdoor workout. Stimulating strength endurance and coordination contributes positively to the overall performance.


Training Tubes
for strength endurance training of the upper body


Balance Board
for balance training