Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply:

1.       Application of general terms & conditions and contracts

1.1 These general terms and conditions are applicable for purchase contracts with private customers and corporations (buyer) which are concluded via the website www.skiroll.ch of skiroll Ltd. (seller).

1.2 The order is submitted by the buyer using the order form and after having accepted these general terms and conditions. The seller confirms the order by email. The purchase contract is concluded when the confirmation is received by the buyer. If the confirmation fails within reasonable time it shall be considered rejection of the order by the seller.


2.       Prices and special offers

2.1 The prices are given in CHF and include the Swiss VAT. Changes in this regard automatically have an effect on the product prices on the online shop of skiroll Ltd. Packaging and shipment costs are billed separately and paid by the buyer.

2.2 The seller reserves the right to change the prices at any time. The prices applicable to the buyer are those published on the website on the order date. Buyers who benefit from discounts receive the prices valid for them from the seller as part of the order confirmation. Individual discounts can be cumulated without using a Promo Code. When using a Promo Code only this single maximum discount is allowable as deduction, other additional discounts will not be accepted.  

2.3 For orders which are delivered abroad no Swiss VAT is allocated (see 2.1). 


3.       Delivery conditions

3.1 After receipt the order is confirmed on the same day or on the next working day at the latest and treated according to the availability of the goods. If this is not possible for operational reasons the seller will inform the buyer via email or phone within 2 days. 

3.2 With the delivery of the goods to the shipment company the seller has fulfilled his obligation and the risks passes to the buyer. It is transported at the expenses and risks of the buyer (DAP Delivery Address Buyer, Incoterms® 2010, ICC). The seller selects the most practical and safest shipment method. The shipments are only insured on the buyers request and at his expenses. Complaints and claims shall be made directly to the carrier. The seller can in these cases serve as a source of information but is not obliged to act outside of his obligations.

3.3 Costs for returned goods due to address errors or ambiguities are to be borne by the buyer.

3.4 If the seller without notice does not supply the promised services within 4 weeks after the conclusion of the contract the buyer may resign from the contract.


4.       Customs information

4.1 Each product sent to a country outside of Switzerland is liable to customs duty.

4.2 Customs duties and import taxes of every kind are borne by the customer. Depending on the shipment company additional administrative costs and commissions may incur.

4.3 It is the responsibility of the buyer to get information on country specific customs duties and import regulations. 


5.       Packaging and shipment costs

5.1 The costs for the packaging are borne by the buyer. The packaging costs are not negotiable.

5.2 Shipment costs are charged by weight and volume and are borne by the buyer. Collective shipments are only possible after consultation and not for all products. Partial deliveries are only possible in certain cases and require additional shipment costs.

5.3 Depending on weight and product the shipment is processed by post office or courier service or by special transport.

5.4 Cross-country and rollerski poles are delivered to the buyer by KV+ directly from the factory by a courier service (usually DPD) and are in principle considered bulky-goods due to their length. The shipping costs are 15CHF for poles with a length of 175cm.

5.5 Pick-ups by the buyer are possible except if it is explicitly stated in the article description or if it is part of a special offer. In case of a pick-up a fee of 10.00 CHF will be charged, packaging and shipment costs are redundant. The purchase price is to be paid per prepayment or in cash at pick-up.


6.       Liabilities and guarantee

6.1 The seller guarantees during a period of 12 months that the goods exhibit the warranted properties, that they do not reveal defects harming the use and that they correspond to the prescribed performances and specifications.

6.2 The buyer has to verify the goods immediately and to inform the seller about defects.

6.3 In case the buyer discovers evident defects he/she has to inform the seller within 48 hours. In case the buyer omits to inform the seller he/she is not able to make warranty claims due to these defects.

6.4 The seller is not liable for defects which were caused by the buyer. This also holds for usual signs of wear.

6.5 In case of a defect of the goods the seller has the right to opt for replacement or rectification of the defect.

6.6 Strong efforts were taken to ensure the accuracy given in the article descriptions. The seller can neither guarantee the accuracy of the product specifications nor the descriptions of the depicted product. Neither the seller nor the supplier is responsible for consequences, incidents and damages which result from the depicted information.


7.       Payments

7.1 The goods are not shipped on account. The buyer receives from the seller a proforma invoice together with the order confirmation for prepayment of the sum. Shipment only takes place following prepayment.

7.2 The buyer has the option to pay the sum by prepayment either with Online-Banking (PostFinance) or Twint (CHF).

7.3 The payment with PostFinance is carried out for deliveries within Switzerland in CHF by prepayment to the following Post account:

Account number: 85-541497-1
IBAN: CH51 0900 0000 8554 1497 1

7.4 The delivered goods remain property of the seller until full payment of the purchase price happened. 


8.       Liability for online connections

8.1 The buyers are responsible for ensuring the safety of the systems, programs and data that are in their sphere of influence. The buyers should keep secret in their own interest passwords and user names to third parties.  

8.2 The seller is not liable for defects and malfunctions which he is not responsible for, especially not for safety deficiencies and operational failures of third parties with whom he works or of which he is dependent.

8.3 Further the seller is not liable for act of God, improper procedure and disregard of risks on the part of the buyer or third parties, excessive wear, improper operating materials of the buyer or third parties, extreme environmental influences, interventions by third parties (viruses, worms, etc.) that happen despite of the necessary safety precautions.


9.       Application of law and jurisdiction

9.1 These general terms and conditions follow Swiss law, i.e. the regulations of the OR. Place of jurisdiction is Solothurn. 


10.     Renting or testing of WEASEL rollerskis

10.1 The rental items are provided by skiroll Ltd. in perfect conditions.

10.2 The rental fee is to be paid as a prepayment after receiving a proforma invoice.

10.3 All rental rates are in CHF for Switzerland and are including Swiss VAT and shipping costs (return shipment postal fee enclosed in stamps by skiroll Ltd.). Please contact us for rental outside Switzerland. 

10.4 Insurance is the responsibility of the tenant. Rollerskiing can be dangerous! Please use traffic-free tracks and choose the terrain adapted to your skills. Wearing helmet and wrist protection is recommended to prevent fall injuries. The rental items must be handled carefully and they are not allowed for use for racing purposes. 
In case of an accident, the tenant is held liable. The liability for damages to third parties or to property of third parties lies with the tenant and has to be covered by his or her privateliability insurance.
In case of damage or theft of the rental items the tenant is held liable. The resulting costs (repair, replacement parts, replacement ) shall be carried by the tenant. In case of theft a 
police report must always be available (important for the insurance).

10.5 After expiration of the rent, the rental items must be returned in clean and perfect conditions to skiroll Ltd. Any damage must be reported immediately.

10.6 In case of purchase of new WEASEL rollerskis the rental fee will be deducted to the original purchase price.


Status: 1. January 2023


skiroll Ltd.

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