The hint of the pros!

How often have you been annoyed about snow clots under your boots when entering the bindings of your skis?


Does the sole of your expensive cross-country boots wear-off too fast from walking to the slopes?

This has an end now! 


For Rottefella soles (NNN)

Developed and designed based on personal experience by Laura Valaas, ex-professional US cross-country athlete and Olympic participant, the BootBuddy offers all advantages which cross-country skiers and rollerskiers have been dreaming of.

  • Easier entering your bindings
  • Longer lifetime of the boot sole
  • Fast click-on/-off under the boots
  • Small, fits in every pocket
  • Cool design

With the BootBuddy you get: 

  • Perfect protection of the sensitive binding axis of your cross-country boots
  • An efficient place holder to avoid snow clots under your boot


The BootBuddy belongs under each cross-country boot with Rottefella sole!

It is made of 100% recycled material and manufactured in the US.



Our price

BootBuddy (pair) for NNN CHF 26.-

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